Cyprus is ever popular as a place of retirement or business. London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited assists those coming to Cyprus in order to make their main home there through advice about property/real estate opportunities and risks, will planning and the use of companies and trusts for business, tax and succession planning.

Property/Real Estate:

Many foreign investors have not properly understood the characteristics of Cypriot land law. In particular the system of registration of titles is unlike the English system making it essential to keep in mind that possession works as nine-tenths of the law. London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited provides impartial advice regarding acquisitions of Cypriot immovable property. This advice makes clear the caveat emptor risks involved from a legal perspective as well as being positive and supportive about the opportunities on offer. In addition, our risk assessment can be supplemented by due diligence of a qualified surveyor.

Will Planning:

When making Cyprus one’s main home, it is important to make a last will and testament.London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited offer advice and opinion concerning estate planning and can register the will in safe keeping at the District Court-Probate Registry.

Companies and Trusts:

London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited specialise in designing and managing fiduciary/trust and corporate structures tailored to fit clients’ specific objectives. Broadly speaking our aim is to protect and grow clients’ capital in the most tax efficient manner. Cyprus, as a full EU member who is in good standing with international norms such as the OECD’s requirements concerning transparency, ought to be enormously beneficial for many entrepreneurs and retirees when espoused with purposeful structuring of the kindLondon Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited offer.