Company Law

CAP 113: Companies Laws

CAP 113 Table A

CAP 113 Amendments 2007 – 1st Edition

CAP 113 Amendments (April 2008)

Trust Law

CAP 112: Registration of Clubs

CAP 193: Trustees

Law No. 69/1992: The Cyprus International Trusts Law

CAP 41: Charities

CAP 189: Administration of Estates

CAP 195: Wills and Succession

Regulatory Law

The Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities Law 1996 (English Summary)

Bankruptcy and Contract Law

CAP 5: Bankruptcy

CAP 15: Limitations of Actions

CAP 62: Fraudulent Transfers Avoidance

Immovable Property

CAP 224: The Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law


The Courts of Justice: Law of 1960

Cyprus Constitution Part II: Fundamental Rights and Liberties

Introduction to Cyprus Law: Andreas Neocleous & Co.

Revised criteria for granting Cypriot citizenship by exception

Newsletter 210715 – “Non-dom” status