WM Programme

This programme aims to manage the passing on of wealth over successive generations.

The permanent loss of a loved one who could be the “bread winner” is a difficult subject however notwithstanding it is more efficient, responsible and effective to plan in advance. Sometimes the lack of planning leaves one’s loved ones in difficult financial circumstances as bank accounts and other property are frozen pending processes of “probate” of the court of jurisdiction. An aftermath of this kind is avoidable via our Wealth Management Programme.

The programme is built upon the following components that are put in place for the client-settlor of a PTC equitable trust:

1. A Private Trust Company (PTC) – Nowadays many successful entrepreneurs are aware of the advantages of the PTC. The client-settlor owns the shares of the PTC either directly or through nominees and furthermore there are built-in provisions for the beneficial ownership to pass unhindered to the next of kin effectively and efficiently;

2. London Trust’s MDP – The PTC sets up an HQ office under our Managing Director Programme;

3. Control of the PTC – Under general company law control of the PTC is in the hands of the client-settlor or his successors in accordance with controlling voting rights that attach to the shares in accordance with the articles of association;

4. General Bank Accounts – The PTC may have commercial activities but any commercial profits ought to be kept quite separate.

5. Trust Bank and Investment Accounts – A trust account is opened and named clearly as such. This account is governed by a comprehensive trust instrument agreed upon and signed by the client-settlor;

6. Trust Fund – The trust fund comprises of free liquid assets for immediate requirments in accordance with an investment plan, together with medium to long term investments in bonds, shares and cash as per the plan’s asset allocation and duration;

7. Investment Policy and Practice – The PTC is subject to the rigours of trust case and statutory law. This means that the trust fund must be diversified, have a core position of low risk bonds for capital preservation and exploit opportunities for capital growth as and when they may arise but always in accordance with the client-settlor’s wishes. To this end the PTC must appoint either an investment advisor or manager or custodian.