London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited. incorporate companies around the globe for a variety of trading and investment purposes. Together with trusts and foundations, private companies are the building blocks of the private family office or entrepreneurial new beginnings.

We can provide directors and other officers to any company. A board of directors, when correctly organised, establishes the location of corporate tax residence in a suitable jurisdiction where the level of taxation is internationally competitive. Locating directors in this way brings with it beneficial tax rates or bi-lateral tax treaties that can enhance corporate profits and investment returns.

London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited. directors are legally responsible for keeping the company in good standing, although oftentimes they fulfill this role with the assistance of other officers, examples of which are the company secretary and treasurer. The directors' corporate decisions are recorded in writing after due deliberation. Each year they are responsible for the preparation of statutory accounts, which may or may not be audited, depending on the jurisdiction of incorporation. These accounts must be presented to the shareholders of a company on an annual basis.

In most cases a bank account would be opened in a company's name. London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited. strong links with several functional banks around the world make it possible to open accounts more quickly and easily than would otherwise be the case.


Koulla Sofokleous is the team leader of the company management desk. She is an accountant, professional trustee, and has many years of experience in the field of trust and corporate management. Mrs Sofokleous commitment to London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited clients is peerless and she has been mentioned many times in clients' dispatches.



As a professional trust company, we keep and publish a price list which we update annually. These prices are standard prices that can form the basis of negotiations where appropriate. Click here in order to view London Trust & Fiduciary Co. Limited published prices.