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Cyprus Gets Licensing of Trustees January 31, 2009

The EU's 3rd money laundering directive means professional trustees are to be regulated and licensed this year. Reputationally speaking this will be beneficial for Cyprus but it remains to be seen ...Read More »

Tax Treaty News May 29, 2009

On 16th April, 2009 Cyprus' Financial Mirror ( reported that "the Republic of Cyprus and the Russian Federation have initialled an agreement to avoid double taxation between ...Read More »

+ve News For Cyprus Shipping June 19, 2009

On 17th June, 2009 Cyprus' Financial Mirror ( reported:

"The Cyprus Shipping Chamber hailed last week's decision by the European Commission to extend the right to sh ...Read More »

Cyprus: Real Estate News June 22, 2009

Charles CHARALAMBOUS reported in Cyprus' Sunday Mail on 21st June 2009 the first big collapse of a Cypriot property developer since the beginning of the global recession. A&G Property Wise Deve ...Read More »

Gold-rush: Bullion over $1,000 an ounce! September 14, 2009

UBS's analyst John Reade called the recent rise in the price of gold bullion speculative as "net long" positions hit 29.2m an ounce last week, a record high according to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard*. S ...Read More »

Emerging Market IPOs September 24, 2009

Spring's re-emergence of risk-appetite remains ongoing not least of all in the emerging markets where growth potential attracts surprisingly high ratings.

Spain's Santander is readying itse ...Read More »

Global Future Returns October 03, 2009

The impressive meteoric rise of world markets over the last three months has left some investors impressively enriched but others noticeably underwhelmed. The MSCI World equity index was up 15pc ac ...Read More »

S&P Downgrades Greek Banks December 21, 2009

S&P the international ratings agency was reported in Saturday's Daily Telegraph to have downgraded the Greek banks Alpha Bank, EFG Eurobank, Piraeus Bank and National Bank of Greece all of whic ...Read More »

Fitch Warns of Downgrades December 28, 2009

More on the theme of credit risk after last year's banking crisis the Fitch credit agency has just given three EU member states a blunt warning about the "unpleasant fiscal arithmetic" they current ...Read More »

Fitch Warns of US Downgrade January 15, 2010

The head of Fitch's sovereign ratings namely Brian COULTON warned the USA that she too could lose her AAA credit rating if the public deficit were not reigned in. Mr Coulton said that while the USA ...Read More »

EU Law-Apostolides v Orams January 21, 2010

As an example of a how mutual legal cooperation works between EU member states it does not get much clearer than in the Apostilides v Orams case. The British Court of Appeals' ruling that a Nicosia ...Read More »

The British National Debt February 22, 2010

Great Britain's trillion dollar economy is a hardy perrenial but the challenge of rectifying the structural public deficit points to a prolonged period of retrenchment and uncertainty.

As t ...Read More »

British General Election 2010 May 14, 2010

For the first time since Winston Churchill's war cabinet Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a coalition government. Although the British public returned more Conservative MPs than for any other ...Read More »

Euro-Quote of the Week May 14, 2010

At a time when the whole Euro project is coming under scrutiny it is important to remember that the fundamental premise upon which the new currency was to be built was questioned at that time by th ...Read More »

Special Defence Contribution June 18, 2010

There have been encouraging changes in Cyprus to the tax known as Special Defence Contribution (SDC). This should herald growth in Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) which are regulated by the Cen ...Read More »

Deflation's Shadow August 23, 2010

August may generally be regarded as a quiet time of the year but the mid-August announcement of America's Federal Reserve to start buying US Treasuries again made those sitting at their desks this ...Read More »

Offshore Arbitration September 14, 2010

Writing in this summer's Offshore Investment Mr Stephen FRIEL, a partner of the London firm Davies Arnold Cooper, takes the reader through international arbitration as an alternative to settling co ...Read More »

Linkers as Investments September 25, 2010

The index-linked government bond often referred to more simply as the 'Linker' is as safe an investment as one is likely to find. Perhaps only gold bullion compares but at the cost of paying no int ...Read More »

Euro Back In Favour October 05, 2010

It seems that those governments who print new money, immediately expect to gain a competitive advantage for the sale of their goods and services while putting the inflationary risks to one side on ...Read More »

Dollar Opportunity Knocks October 15, 2010

Could the dramatic and recent depreciation of the greenback present a buying opportunity? The Financial Times Lex Column (8th October 2010) warns readers not be surprised if the dollar returns to f ...Read More »

Bernanke the $ and Inflationary Risks November 09, 2010

There's a lot of criticism being levelled at Ben BERNANKE after his announcement to use the United States Federal Reserve as a means of buying up to $600B of US government treasuries.

This ...Read More »

German News: WestLB attracts just two bids February 19, 2011

As investors run up the global stock markets to levels not seen since the last top, it's as though the 2008 banking crash was just a dream. However, there remain profound restraints in Europe and A ...Read More »

Cyprus Economy - December 2010 February 21, 2011

Eurostat announced that the Euro area's annualised inflation rate in December was 2.2% compared to 1.9% for Cyprus

Eurostat announced that unemployment in Cyprus increased to 7.3% in Decemb ...Read More »

Fully Prepared for Greek Default June 18, 2011

Unlike the fall of Lehman, CDS exposure of Greek government debt can be traced to 25 or so mainly European banks according to the FT's Lex column. This compares favourably with Lehman where even no ...Read More »

Update: Risk-free Real Yields June 21, 2011

The remarkable compression of risk-free index linked sovereigns has continued this year. These securities pay a coupon comprised of a real yield componant plus the yield equivalent of an appointed ...Read More »

FTSE Blue Chips June 21, 2011

At a time when bank deposit rates are lower than the level of inflation sterling investors might consider the top ten holdings of investment trusts like Edinburgh, City of London, Merchants, Perpet ...Read More »

Equities: Greek Votes Offer New Hope. July 02, 2011

This week saw the return of three solid days of investor demand ending on Friday in the USA and other stockmarkets. The bull market that has been in place for now over two years is looking a little ...Read More »

Gold Flash - $1500/ounze July 06, 2011

The website reports a near 30% increase in the price of gold bullion over the last twelve months against the backdrop of a weak US Dollar and resurgent global inflation.

At the sa ...Read More »

FSL: Buy Government Bonds November 21, 2011

Since its establishment in 1938 the highly regarded Fleet Street Letter has a track record for recommending contrarian investments.

Painting a picture of four scenarios, three of them favou ...Read More »

Cyprus: Forgiveness for Tax Interest & Penalties December 01, 2011

On 24th November the Cyprus parliament introduced provisions of partial forgiveness of gross tax liabilities of all previous tax years up to 2008.

The law contains a 'sunset' clause bringin ...Read More »

$6.3tn wiped off stock markets in 2011 January 07, 2012

London's FT reported on the penultimate day of 2011 an annualised fall of 12.1% to $45.7tn of global stock markets. British gilts were the best performing major sovereign as safe havens became well ...Read More »

Value Investing 2012 January 13, 2012

Merryn Somerset Webb, the editor-in-chief at the blisteringly good MoneyWeek met the investment strategy team of Societe Generale this week in London. Her advice after listening to them is: Sit tig ...Read More »

Euro-zone: Restoring Trust February 07, 2012

Cyprus' respected representative on the ECB Governing Council called recently for the restoration of trust in the Euro.

He outlined that the 'dramatic erosion of confidence' seems to ...Read More »

Reform of the Cyprus International Trust March 12, 2012

Read More »

Double Top Tolls New Bear Market? May 18, 2012

The study of stock market history is vital when assessing financial risk. For example the average bull market in the USA lasts for just over three years which is roughly how long the global markets ...Read More »

Boosting Your Portfolio September 29, 2012

Us having just published an essay about unfair prejudice of controlling shareholders against their minority brethren we are especially pleased that Aberdeen Asset Management's star manager Hugh You ...Read More »

Cyprus bank 'bail in' March 16, 2013

The most significant financial event in recent history was announced today when the EU's institutions and members pressed Cyprus to restructure all Cyprus based bank deposits effectively applying a ...Read More »

Orphonides - Cyprians Not Equal Under EU law March 19, 2013

As the banking crisis enters its third day, with no end in sight, the former chairman of the Cyprus Central Bank and member of the board of the ECB, Ethanias Orphanides, accused northern European g ...Read More »

Would the EU's Depositor Tax be Illegal? March 20, 2013

The supreme law of Cyprus is her written constitution and Article 24 (4) states:

"No tax, duty or rate of any kind whatsoever other than customs duties shall be of a destructive or p ...Read More »